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Support Tourism in Perth:  Link to

When everyone works together we can bring even more people to Perth. Would you like to support Tourism in Perth? Why not put a small banner or text link on your home page. You will be helping all of Perth.

  1. Right-click on banner below and save to your Web site file as "perthontarioinfolink.gif"

  2. Link to Perth Ontario Info Web Site.

  3. Holding down your left mouse button, drag the cursor across the text in the box below and highligh all of it.

  4. Right Click on the highlighted text and select "Cut" from the drop-down menu.

  5. Paste the cut text into your html code where you want the Perth Ontario Info banner to appear on your Web page.

Prefer to use a text link?
  1. Simply highlight, cut, and copy the code below into your Web page html where you want the link to appear.

Thanks again for your support !

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